Daily Wrap: FarmVille's Studded Chest Implant; There's 100K Apps for That


Don't have the time to search the web to find the best gaming news? Neither do we, so we boil down the best and make you a nice daily wrap so you (and we) can go back to playing Cafe World, Vampires, Pet Society and FarmVille.

- Proclaiming your undying addiction to FarmVille is already apparent to your Facebook friend list. Now, there's a new and stylish way to proclaim your dedication to farming with a new series of crystal-studded shirts via the handmade marketplace called Etsy. If you dig it, KarmaCrystal's Shop offers six female shirts with different FarmVille messages. At $24.99, it's the perfect compliment to any farmer's overalls.

- Apple's App Store, the digital storefront that supplies all those nifty "there's an app for that" apps for iPhone and iPod Touch owners made it to 100,000 available apps. With nearly a quarter of those apps being games, it's safe to assume that more will be on the way. (Joystiq)

- Using your voice in social games might just be the next big innovation for social network games. While Vivox announced its first application to enable just that a few weeks ago, another social vocal application company named Blabbelon says that its ready to start the shouting competition. Considering that voice applications proclaiming innovation and integration with video games and social games isn't new, we're not going to proclaim an early winner in an application category that's still several whimpers away from a shout. (VentureBeat)

- After Zynga tossed "scammy" deals that were available in many of the company's games, MySpace is beating Facebook to the potential "scam ban" in social networking services as its CEO updated his company's terms of service with "All MySpace users are entitled for a safe, scam-free application experience." Facebook changes are bound to come soon, bad news for scammers. (Business Insider)

- Destined to become a new tool for getting game lovers into theaters, Warner Bros Pictures launched an online multiplayer game called 221B that promotes the December release of the company's new film, Sherlock Holmes, which releases December 25. The game, created by social gaming firm Hide& Seek is played out over eight chapters that lead up to the beginning of the movie. Might this be the new trend? (New Media Age)