Cafe World: Ode to Caramel Apples


Every Cafe World player has their "go to" food, a gastronomical tour de force that tantalizes the digital taste buds of cafe patrons and the hopes to earn \a 105 Buzz Rating. For me, it's those Caramel Apples. While they're not perfect for adding loads of Experience Points and only take two hours to prepare, the mix of sugar, caramel and what appears to be a Granny Smith apple is the type of dessert that you serve to kids and adults looking to journey back to a time when sticky sweets weren't viewed as a threat to expensive orthodontia.

You may like the Pumpkin Pie, but if you're looking for a sweeter treat, drop 75 coins and makes your next creation a Caramel Apple.

What's your "go to" food?