Black Friday: Kmart's 40 page ad leaked -- toys and video games on sale

black friday 2009Another day, another Black Friday ad leaked and viewable online for your Black Friday planning pleasure.

This time Kmart's 40 page Black Friday ad has leaked, revealing exactly which toys, electronics and other goods will be getting special Black Friday pricing.

Invoking their famous Blue Light Specials, Kmart is celebrating the day of shopping with "Blue Friday" deals from 6-11 a.m.

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As expected there are many deals on toys and video games this year. Here are some of the deals Kmart is offering:
  • $20 off of popular video games for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 including, Brutal Legend, Left for Dead 2, Dragon Age, Forza Motorsport 3 and more.
  • $169.99 for a Nintendo DSI with five games
  • 50% off Handy Manny fix-it motorcycle
  • $379.99 for a 32-inch Sony Bravia 720P LCD HDTV
  • $84.99 for a Magellan Roadmate GPS
  • Buy-two-get-one free on all Lego sets
In addition to these toy and electronic discounts Kmart's Black Friday ad is packed with deals including clothing, down comforters and a five-drawer Craftsman tool center.

I wouldn't be surprised to see cheaper HDTVs and GPS units at other retailers. You should also avoid the Windows CE netbook that is being sold at Kmart on Black Friday because it runs a version of windows designed for phones and isn't compatible with many programs you expect a netbook to run. You're better off buying a netbook running a newer operating system like Windows XP or Windows 7 which will be on sale from other retailers at similar prices, like Office Max, on Black Friday.

Still, in all, Kmart looks to have a pretty good selection of deals and several not to be missed discounts on toys and video games.
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