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Realtor.com publishes a weekly top 10 list with the most searched properties within 20 percent of the national median price. This can be some what distorting, as a $215,000 house in L.A. may be a shack compared to one in Minneapolis or Cleveland.

As it happens, six of the 10 most searched last week were in the Detroit area, including this four bedroom, two and a half bath home in Canton Township, which was number one.

According to AOL Real Estate's search product, this home had been listed at $329,900, so the price reduction to $219,900 was probably a big part of why it got so much traffic. Our valuation tool says this home should be worth at least $280,000, so a bidding war may be breaking out in Canton Township.
Of the homes outside of the greater Detroit co-prosperity sphere, the second most searched house was in Los Angeles and the third was in Las Vegas.

The seventh and eight most searched homes also broke the Detroit mold, hailing form Miramar, Fla., which is between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and Holly Springs, N.C., which is a suburb of Raleigh.

Particularly at this low price point, these listings are most likely getting a lot of attention from people who are looking to capitalize on the first time buyer credit while there is still time.

Although lawmakers appear close to extending the credit, the current law says that the purchase needs to be closed by December 1st in order to qualify.

The Miramar, Fla., listing is no longer available on Realtor.com, so that hopefully indicates that it was sold.
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