"The City" Ain't

Maybe they should rename it "The Borough." According to Gawker, Olivia Palermo, the annoying priss pot on MTV's "The City" is actually living in the bland Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn. Should that even be allowed in her contract?! Well, she told Fox's Good Day New York "It's a nice quality of life" and went on to compare it to London's Notting Hill and Primrose Hill. Not sure we're buying it, Oli.

Prior to her move out of the city, Palermo lived in a $4,150-a-month Tribeca apartment (with walk-in closet, left) that was featured in the New York Post's Page Six Magazine.

But what about Whitney Port?

That "City" girl is reportedly still in New York, now living with her L.A. friend Roxy Olin, an actress on "Brothers and Sisters."

There's been much online debate about where Port's apartment is in the city (pictured below) -- not to mention amazement about how fabulous it is. But the folks at Curbed seem to have come up with the definitive answer that it's The Elektra at 290 Third Ave. in the Gramercy Park area.

Sorry Palermo: Advantage Port.
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