Small in Japan

The Japanese know a thing or two about tight spaces. With a population of 32 million, Tokyo is the most crowded metro area in the world. Today marks the end of Tokyo Designers Week so where else to go to find great space-saving design than the Capital of Cozy. Here's a slideshow of some of the most interesting new apartment-friendly products debuted at the fair.

For an overview of the fair, watch Monocle Magazine's video.

Space-Savers from Japanese Designers Week
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Small in Japan
For those who get bright ideas in the middle of the night, Jun Yasumoto's bedside pen holder lights up when the pen's removed. The designer also has a great, wall-mounted light that doubles as a book stand.
This table and chairs is so incredibly simple and smart. It was designed by Nosigner in collaboration with the Tokushima Wood & Bamboo Industrial Cooperative Society Confederation (how's that for a mouthful) and can be used separately as chairs and benches or ...
pushed together to create a coffee table. Why shouldn't everything in your apartment serve dual purposes.
Korean design duo Dongjin Byeon and Youngin Koh created this playful BGM Project lamp, which casts what appears to be the absolute perfect shade of light (in addition to looking pretty cool).
These colorful broom-and-dustpan sets designed by J.Yawata with h-concept are compact and can hang, which gets them out of the way.
This combo air pump/bike light designed by Japan-based Formpasch Design doesn't require any batteries because the light gets power from the pumping action of the air pump. So it's a space and energy saver.
Sanyo's energy efficient Eneloop brand debuted this lamp/flashlight combo. It's rechargeable, light up in either white or blue, and when it's picked up it senses the temperature of your hand and automatically goes into flashlight mode. Another great multifunctional item but maybe don't toss your flashlight yet, I can't see this one fitting in on a camping trip.
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