'La-Z-Boy' in DUI again driving bids on eBay


The motorized chair involved in a DUI crash that grabbed international headlines is again parked on eBay for bids.

According to news reports the chair drove up bids to nearly $40,000 before the makers of La-Z-Boy pulled the brakes on the final hours of auction objecting to the chair being called a La-Z-Boy when technically it 's just a recliner.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the disappointment. Now that we know it's not a La-Z-Boy how much are you willing to cough up for a chair you can drive around?

By Tuesday afternoon, the chair attracted 37 bids raising the bar to $4,719. There's still two more days to go, and I am sure the police department in Proctor, Minn., is hoping for miracles the second time around. By law, the proceeds would benefit the cops,state and the prosecuting attorney, who made owner Dennis LeRoy Anderson a celebrity of sorts.

Anderson is not getting any share from the eBay loot, but his family was able to get him $710 by auctioning a photo of his on on his now famous chariot. I am sure it won't compensate for his hurt pride, or his lost toy, but hey it should help him pay some of his legal fees.

A piece of advice to the future winner/owner of this infamous chair. You may want to keep practicing your driving skills within your property limits. Even if you do get tempted to show it off to neighbors by zooming through the streets, remember to do it sober. Otherwise, like Anderson, you will forever be labeled as the drunk La-Z-Boy, err, motorized recliner driver.