Hint: Planning Your Weekend Around Cafe World


Whether you bike, run, read or simply stay in bed late, weekends are "me" time for many. And while we love Cafe World, making sure that you're getting your dishes done and served takes away from that "me." So we've created a brief hint guide on how to plan out your weekend for the perfect balance of your virtual life and your real one.

1) Thursday at Dawn
After work (or right before you leave), start cooking as many 24 hour / 1 day items as you can (depending on your level: Spitfire Roasted Chicken, Pumpkin Pie, Voodoo Chicken Salad and Vampire Staked Steak).We almost always choose Roasted Chicken since it serves 800 and makes 3200 coins each but if money is no object and you've cleared level 17, then the 900 coin expense of Herbed Halibut is an even better option that makes 4500 coins.

2) Friday at Dawn
Following the same pattern as yesterday, you should be able to serve your 1 day items. As we've found, your cafe numbers may go down if there's only one food available but you want the food to last. Our suggestion is to start cooking many Homestyle Pot Roasts (available at level 3) since each they take 48 hours to complete and with 1150 servings per roast, you're going to eventually get a lot of food and experience points.

3) Take a Day Off from Cafe World
Since your food won't be done until Sunday, there's no need to care for your cafe. Play other games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars or even do the unthinkable, reconnect with friends, loved ones, neighbors in real-life.

4) Serve Roast
You can even be lazy about serving your roast since it takes more than a day to spoil. Optimally, you'd serve the roast around dinnertime on Sunday. If you have the time, serve up a some burgers (5 minutes) and other short items just to add some variety... at least until tomorrow.