FarmVille Storage and Giftable Flowers Coming Soon

In the most recent Zynga podcast, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious dropped several hints at what's coming soon in FarmVille. First, you will soon be able to put your Halloween decor and other extras in storage. Another Facebook farming game, Farm Town, rolled out a storage option recently, and it's proved to be rather handy.

Second, one of the FarmVille producers previously hinted that there'd be more coming soon with the new flowers in the game. We just assumed that meant more flowers, but Lexilicious says that flowers will be giftable in the near future.

The official FarmVille podcast comes out every Friday -- it's about five or so minutes long, and Lexi. will talk about existing features, contests, bug fixes and then our favorite part -- a sneak peek at what's to come next.

[Via FarmVille Podcast]