Drinking at work a bad idea, just ask Sue Simmons


Admitting to drinking on the job during a live television interview would typically be considered a bad career move.

Not for Sue Simmons, though. The WNBC-TV New York anchor recently appeared on a chirpy lifestyle show, LX New York, where she admitted that she used to have a drink or two before going on the air.

So why hasn't the anchor been shown the studio door? Those days of boozy dinners before the evening news hour happened more than 20 years ago, she says. And after such a late confession, Simmons, who has been at WNBC for 28 years, isn't likely to lose her job.

"That stopped in the mid-'80s, late '80s," Simmons said in the interview with Bravo executive-turned-night-show host Andy Cohen. "Because I looked in the mirror before -- when I was about ready to go on the air -- and my eyes were red."