Daily Wrap: Yummy FarmVille Cake; Facebook Snowboarding Game?


As the temperatures go down here in the Eastern U.S., more and more of you are heading to the virtual worlds of FarmVille, Pet Society, Cafe World and a new wave of aquarium games. Rather than just tell you about everything that's been going on out there, we're going to minimize work time and maximize our play time too.

- Oh cake! How we love thee! One lucky player on her 21st birthday tasked someone (maybe mom) with creating a FarmVille cake. We'd call out for a slice of that barn but we have a feeling that this cake has since turned into fertilizer. (Flickr)

- Finally, Facebook may be getting snowboarding game. Apparently Norway-based game developer Funcom was awarded a $260,000 grant from the Norsk Film Institutt to create a free-to-play snowboarding game. Called "On The Edge Of The World," the game will be available for PC and Mac, feature online competitions and social networking access. Why a grant? The hope is that the game will help promote Norwegian's winter sports. Sadly, no date for the game's release was given. (Develop)

- With so many companies offering services that allow you to pay for virtual in-game money, there's been one company that's been oddly absent. Today, PayPal announced new services that will allow players to buy in-game items with their PayPal account. Might it also mean that PayPal's parent company, eBay, is getting into the selling of virtual goods? (Wall Street Journal)

- Eliminate Pro, the new multiplayer shooter from the iPhone/iPod Touch game darlings at ngmoco (makers of Topple and Rolando), has launched on the Apple App Store. The free-to-play game uses energy points that are converted to credits as players make kills. Of course, the energy is used up, you can still play but won't earn credits... to continue do so, you can purchase energy with real money or wait until the energy recharges overnight. With credits, players buy weapons, armor and other upgrades. After playing for the past 30 minutes, Eliminate just annihilated any other games we were going to play. (ngmoco)