Cafe World "Test Dish" Mystifies Virtual Chefs


Have you been one of the lucky few to spot a test dish in Cafe World? Several players have reported that they've been seeing something called a "Test Dish" appear on their stoves. After prepping the dish, there's no cooking involved -- it's ready to serve to customers right away. Here's what some on the Zynga forums have been seeing:

Cafe World Test Dishes mystify players
Cafe World Test Dishes mystify players

Example #1: What are [Test Dishes]? I was making some cheesecake, but instead of dealing with strawberries I was asked to sear some tuna and squeeze some lime juice?? The cooking time on the dish was 1 minute and it was called Test Dish. When it was done, I clicked on it, but it did not show up on my counters. - Mishi

Example #2:

I made my chicken and chips and then I get an empty stove with sparkles over it, I clicked it and a "testdish" served (see pic). - MignonChampignon

Example #3
: About a few minutes ago, I was prepping a bunch of fruit salads and all of a sudden, one of them didn't have the usual ingredients as a fruit salad would. I can't quite remember the first ingredient, but the second was tuna and the third was a lemon. Once it was prepared it was called 'TestDish' with 15 servings. - ReiRe

There's a lot of speculation that the game developers are testing something and it's leaking into players live games. Have you seen this mysterious test dish yet?

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