Cafe World Cheats & Tips: Do Some Stoves Work Better Than Others?

Cafe World - do the stoves work differently?
Cafe World - do the stoves work differently?

One of the biggest questions in Cafe World on Facebook is -- do pricier stoves help you cook faster?

Players looking for a way to cook faster in Cafe World have been scouring search engines for information. One major question on that front is -- will fancier stoves cook food faster? The answer is, no.

Instead if relying on stoves, we've found the best way to peel through levels is to set up your Cafe so that you can serve items faster. See our Six Ways to Level Up Fast in Cafe World guide for more tips.

Our take: Save your money and just buy the basic stoves, the basic counters and expand your restaurant vigorously. Cafe World rewards speed and size, not decorations (for now, anyway).

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