Playboy Mansion job offer was too good to be true


There's something about cleavage that moves simple men to accept the most preposterous notions. Witness the witless people who were scammed last week by a perp who offered them jobs as security guards at the Playboy Mansion Halloween bash.

According to KTLA News, several people showed to meet their boss at the appointed time and place (a Denny's), after paying the cons who posed as organizers an upfront fee of $225 each for uniforms and security passes.

After hanging out at the restaurant waiting until 1 a.m. it finally occurred to them that they had been scammed. No job, no booty, nothing but another lesson on the benefits of thinking with your brain rather than your libido.

After all, for a job working security at the Playboy Mansion, you'd have to pay a lot more than $225, right? At auction, I bet the positions would sell for thousands.