Post-Halloween Candy Plans

It's November now, and all that's left of Halloween is your raging sugar hangover (and the accompanying bloat), a few strips of toilet paper dangling from the trees, and a half-dozen bags of leftover Halloween candy.

How to keep those fun-sized temptations from cluttering up your space - and your pants?

  • Freeze it - Not only a tasty way to enjoy chocolate bars of all types, it might slow down your rapid-fire ingestion.
  • Donate it - Call around to local nursing homes to see if they'll take some candy off your hands. Old people like treats, too.
  • Get Sciencey with it - One smart mom encourages her kids to try all manner of experiments with their candy. Hey, it's better than them eating it all!
  • Get Crafty with it - AlphaMom features both a candy advent calendar and a Thanksgiving turkey pinata. Who knew Halloween could help you get a jump-start on the holidays?
  • Eat it - CakeSpy (guesting at SeriousEats) bakes up a homemade pie crust and fills it with a pile of candy, then bakes the whole thing into one sticky, gooey blob of Halloween yum. It may not help your sugar hangover, but there's something to be said for getting it all out of the way at once.
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