Late Halloween Items and French Style Come to Cafe World


Cafe World players were spending coins over the course of October, working to create the ultimate dungeon feel. And it appears that Zynga unleashed a few new Halloween-themed wall and floor panels for latecomers. For those not feeling the post-holiday vibe, the game now offers new plants, a new chair, family photo hangings and even a picture of the Eiffel Tower for when your waiters are serving up the French Onion Soup.

Of course, decking out your chef is part of the update too. With new hair options like Medusa or Wolfie styles, adding more spooky to your cafe is an easy yet hair-raising task. There's even a skeleton outfit, complete with bone shoes that brings in a comical, yet dark, vibe to food joints as well.

Are you ready to add a taste of the Halloween season to your cafe? Well you're going to have to Play Cafe World.