Got a frame with broken glass? Go to a local glazier


I bought a framed poster on eBay for $40 (including shipping) but the seller -- apparently the dumbest person in the world -- decided that the best way to ship framed art was to wrap it in saran wrap and then stick it -- with no further padding -- in between a couple slabs of cardboard.

I took it to the frame shop at Michael's to find out how much it would cost to have the glass replaced, and was astounded when she mentioned the words "one hundred and twenty dollars" -- explaining that it would be less except that it's a custom-sized frame so they'd have to special order the piece of glass.

So then I took the mess to a local glazier's shop -- located in a rundown building in a much less expensive part of town -- and was astounded when he told me his fee: $15.50.

I couldn't believe it. I told him the price that the clerk at Michael's had quoted me and his response was classic: "The problem with that is that it's just ripping people off. There is absolutely no possible justification for charging someone that kind of money for a piece of glass of that size. It's a ripoff."

Bottom line? The framing shops inside big discount craft stores might (and might not) be good for a lot of things. But if you have a frame with a piece of broken glass, take it to your local glazier.