E.coli outbreaks lead to meat recall: More than 500,000 pounds of ground beef recalled


After two deaths and more than two dozen people taking ill from E.coli, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is recalling 545,699 pounds of fresh ground beef products sold from Maine to North Carolina.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with health and agriculture departments in Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts connected the E.coli cases to beef that was prepared at a plant in upstate New York, the USDA said. All the meat was processed at Fairbank Farms in Ashville, N.Y.

The CDC announced the outbreak now has victims coast-to-coast, stretching from Maine to California. The 28 people known to have gotten sick with the same strain of e.Coli live in 12 states: California (1), Connecticut (4), Massachusetts (8), Maryland (1), Maine (2), Minnesota (1), New Hampshire (4), New Jersey (1), New York (1), Pennsylvania (2), South Dakota (2), and Vermont (1), the CDC said. Of those, 16 were hospitalized and three suffered kidney failure, the CDC reported.