Aquarium Games, The Next Wave of Farming?

Owners of aquariums talk about their schools of fish as if they were family, often citing the act of watching such creatures as zen-like and calming. That might be why the newest rage amongst social networking games is with fish. As Cafe World and Restaurant City fight for top chef status, games like Happy Aquarium, Fish World and My Fishbowl floating up to higher rankings in charts from But will these fish games one day beat our farming and serving food? We take a look at the current top three big fish.

Happy Aquarium

Happy Aquarium, which earns top fish status at 22.8 million monthly users, isn't really seen as a game but an activity. Since all you do is sell and train fish, Happy Aquarium's activities are shallow at best with the only other options are collecting a daily amount of coins, healing sick fish, tapping your finger on the tank, feeding them and scrubbing the tank as needed, there's not much action here. Still, the action-free vibe may be just what fish lovers expect.

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Fish World

As with Happy Aquarium, the goals in Fish World are strikingly similar. Feed fish, clean fish, heal fish and sell fish. Training fish here isn't an option but players are given points to buy more fish and tank items that increases the happiness of the tank. For players looking for the ability to customize the backgrounds of a tank and seeing how those changes affect their fish, Fish World is a better choice.

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My Fishbowl

Created in China, Facebook's captive audience appears to speak, read and give out tips in Mandarin. Yet, since My Fishbowl is presented in English, it can be quickly understood. Here, players feed their fish in order to grow them to maturity. As they mature, they drop off treasure that you can collect and sell (note: picture above has a blue snail shell treasure). Like other games in the casual genre, each fish needs to be fed every few hours -- thankfully mousing over each fish will tell you exactly when it needs to be fed.

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While each of the fish games may not be as interactive as FarmVille or Pet Society, for players who a looking for a simpler game where they can chill out and ditch the stress, there's just something peaceful about a fish tank.