Save money, die better: Walmart now selling discount coffins, urns online


Earlier this week, Walmart (WMT) took its first steps into the funeral business. On its website, the retailer now offers 15 caskets and over 130 urns and cremains containers. Priced between $895 and $2,899, the caskets are distributed through the Star Legacy Funeral Network, can be delivered within 48 hours, and are designed to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. For example, the pinstriped "Executive Privilege" model is perfect for buttoned-down businessmen, while the metallic lavender "Lovely in All Ways" vessel offers a more feminine style.

For the traditional funeral industry, this could be a devastating development. Although they have long been the main retailers of burial vessels, funeral homes are legally required to accept caskets from third parties. With Walmart selling caskets and urns at bargain prices, bereaved families may be tempted to trim funeral costs by ordering from the retailer.

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