Roommates of the Week: The Missing Spice Girls

Any single ladies out there looking for a girlfriend roommate?

Let us introduce to you Brandi, hot mama from ATL, who wants you to call her today so that you can save money and become her bestie, doing girlie things together such as cooking and watching the Lifetime channel. Gooo, girl power!

Brandi is "a fun loving, easygoing, laid back professional writer" who likes to advertise more than just her apartment, judging by her photo. She loves to use adjectives that incite imagery and apparently, doesn't believe in online grammar checkers.

Did we mention she wants you to call her today?

Your perks include: living with someone who ends each sentence with exclamation points in a fancy house outfitted with IKEA and Pier 1 luxuries. SCORE!

If you're not feelin' wordsmith Brandi and her bodacious bod then this San Francisco femme fatale might be the roommate of your dirtiest dreams. All you have to do is "bleed" from the nether region, be a friend of the gay community, not be opposed to do away with your bathing suit when entering the hot tub with 10 other people, and you got yourself a $550 "medium-large," room in a "lovely ramshackle house by the beach."

Your perks include: the green light to smoke pot and always sharing it with your roommate (but no cigarettes - 'cause ya know, they're bad for your health!); listening to your roomie belting out songs to her friend's acoustic guitar every day, hanging out with her self-absorbed cat; and if you feel a little risqué after a shower, you're urged to plop your nekked self down on any piece of furniture - as long as you're not being "creepy" about it.

Best part? If you're a baad, baad girl, you'll get an opportunity to be whipped into shape by your BDSM-lovin' landlord.

We're sold! When can we move in?

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