What's the real deal? Cashiers cashing in on your instant savings


The next time a cashier asks you if you'd like to save 10% instantly just by applying for a shiny new piece of plastic with the store's name on it, think twice before saying yes. The real motive might just be to pad her own paycheck instead of saving you a little coin.

Everything might not be better

Their TV ads feature the late Bob Hope in a Santa hat saying "Everything's better at Macy's..." But "better" might not be "best" for your holiday budget.

When she worked as a manager at Macy's, Jennifer Krosche was offered some great employee incentives. " Macy's would pay employees $5 in Macy's money, which we could only use in the store, for every new Macy's charge card application we'd get," says Krosche, explaining that the store would run promotions by which employees could net bonuses. "Other times, it was $5 in "Macy's Bucks" for every three to five new accounts."