Sears offers customers a peek at their credit scores

Sears is unveiling a new payment option for customers: an enhanced Sears credit card.

Giving their branded store card a facelift, Sears says it added more retail value to carrying a Sears card.

One of the most noteworthy features: access to your credit score.

Sears is the first major retailer to offer its cardholders a free credit score. Susan Ehrlich, president of Sears Financial Services, Sears Holdings, said "customers can review their credit score for free at any time."

Sears ha an innovative "credit score simulator tool" to help consumers understand the factors that affect their score and learn how to improve it.

Sears is also planning on offering its card carriers exclusive sales, extra discounts and deferred interest offers.

Sears is also introducing a Platinum MasterCard, which will let customers earn one point (to be used toward merchandise, travel, dining and more) for every $1 spent. Ehrlich says all current Sears Gold MasterCard customers will have full access to platinum card benefits.

Credit cards aren't the only option Sears is offering shoppers. Customers can place items on layaway to pay for purchases over time and earn a 3% bonus on all money stashed on a Sears Christmas Club card by Nov. 14.

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