Levi Johnston cashes in on fame by stripping for Playgirl

Levi Johnston
Levi Johnston

Looks like Levi Johnston is grabbing headlines once again. The teen famous for fathering Sarah Palin's grandson is spending hours in the gym beefing up for his Playgirl photo shoot.

Men do it, too.

What do Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith and Holly Madison all have in common? They've all used their sensuality and sexuality to make money. And in doing so, they've all - at one time or another - been dubbed "bimbos" and "cheap".

But these babes, and women in general, haven't cornered the market on selling their sex-appeal.

Guys are also famous for baring it all and cashing in on their sexuality. Men have cast gazing glances and "made love to the camera" for decades. Errol Flynn and Rudolph Valentino weren't shamed by their sex appeal. They weren't called "bimbos" either.

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