Google Dives Deeper Into Housing

Now you can search GoogleMaps for apartments, homes for sale and foreclosures, using the "More" tab. Google shows 206K results for rentals in New York City, which appears to include more than just the island of Manhattan. Our search for New York City Rentals on RentedSpaces shows about 70K-but that should be strictly City.

Google has been trying to better integrate listings into mapping at least since July, so this is a significant step forward. The search options include price ranges, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet.

The functionality is also available in Australia, N.Z. and India.

With the power of StreetView, etc., home buyers or renters now have an additional tool in a familar interface.

We haven't seen anything from Google yet on the iPhone app or any other mobile app, but if Google is going after turn-by-turn GPS, it would makes sense that they will most likely make real estate their next guinea pig.

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