Cafe World Ready to Serve Super Sliders for 500,000 More Fans

Cafe World FansOn Monday, the Cafe World team announced its Super Sliders event on Facebook. The premise of the event is a simple one, once the Cafe World Facebook page gets to 1,000,000 fans, players will get a new Super Sliders menu option in the game.

This morning, the Facebook announced that it had reached the halfway point with 514,308 fans and climbing. While the event has only been promoted on a page where many are already fans, it appears that Zynga is relying on viral messaging to build its fan base. With over 26 million active players, we expected that we'd all be eating super sliders by now. Our suggestion to Zynga: Add copy over the game's "Become a Fan" button that says "Become a Fan, Get Super Sliders."

Until then, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way and become a Cafe World Fan.

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