Best "Add Me" Lines for Cafe World

Neighbor Beggar
Neighbor Beggar

Serving up the right kind of food to increase your Buzz Rating in Cafe World is just one of the many ways you grow your budding little eatery. But, as with all Zynga games, adding neighbors is also essential for growth as they'll help you with experience points, which earn you new counters, stoves and food items.

Yet Cafe World isn't the first game of its kind to rely so heavily on the kindness of other players. More than likely, repeated invites to join you in other games from Pet Society to FarmVille have gone unanswered, ignored or come up in not-so-funny conversation. Desperate and in need of more neighbors, Cafe World players quickly turn into "Neighbor Beggars" and use every ploy ever devised to gain neighbors. While viewing the Cafe World official page on Facebook, we found several "add me" begs that should help ensure that you don't become a beggar.

"add me chumzzy"

"welcoming new neighbors.... let's get cooking :D"

"add me. I need more neighbors! Nom, nom, nom..."

"Hey's my pleasure to add me as your neighbours...dun hesitate ya....tengkiu...*winks*"

"Let's be neighbours ^^ !"

"can you smell what im cooking?.. add me!"

"Add Me I Need more Partners ASAP!"

"Add me FOr Great food and Gifts."

"add me n give good gift:)"

"add me im a pirvirt the wnats to touch you in places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"People who like anime and play Cafe world add me ( No weirdos or pervs please) "

Would any of these Neighbor Beggars get you to add them?