A Sweater for Your Swiffer

Who doesn't have a Swiffer, right? This handy tool makes quick work of cleaning all kinds of apartment floors. The one drawback? The expense and environmental impact of all those disposable cleaning cloths.

Our friends at Re-Nest listed some Swiffer options, ranging from this handmade "Swiffer Sweater" from Ollie's Boutique to swapping the refills for microfibers. One reader also suggested using a Shamwow towel.

Here are a few more ideas:
'90s Flannel Shirts
Find flannel shirts at a thrift store and you'll hit frugal "Nirvana." Cut them the fit your Swiffer. Wash the fabric in a solution of 1 quart water to 1/2 cup fabric softener and line dry. Store them in a ziplock bag.

Knit Your Own
For DIY-enthusiasts who know how to knit, here are two nifty patterns. Just wash and re-use!

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via Re-Nest, MSN Money
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