'Stop Spending' taken, but Amazon's new PayPhrase lets you pay with a phrase

If you like the simplicity of Amazon's One Click purchases, then you may fall in love with the new Amazon PayPhrase service that just launched.

PayPhrase lets you create a phrase associated with your Amazon account and complete purchases at Amazon and partner stores like DKNY, Jockey, Buy.com and more with an easy to remember phrase, like "WalletPop Rocks." The phrase must be used in conjunction with a PIN number.

The new PayPhrase service doesn't just remove your need to remember a username and password; it offers some other handy features as well.
  • Privacy: You don't have to share your credit card with other Web sites.
  • Control: You can set up a phrase to be associated with a specific address and credit card.
  • Allowances: Set allowances or spending limits on a specific phrase for your teen.
The ability to tie a specific payment method and address to a catchphrase is really nifty and should make keeping personal purchases separate from work or small business purchases which would go on a different card.

But, there may be a use to Amazon's PayPhrase that can help you control your spending, or at least shame you for it.
For instance, what if you chose one of the following messages as your Amazon PayPhrase Catchphrase, would it have an effect on your spending?

And for people like myself, "Don't you have enough gadgets?"

At least one person has already thought of this, since "stop spending" was already taken.

Before you run off to create an Amazon PayPhrase catchphrase that prohibits your spending don't forget that you have to associate a PIN number with the phrase for security. Don't you dare choose your ATM PIN number, office extension or last four of your social security number to your PIN!

Also, as TechCrunch warns, choosing something easy like "1234" or a catchphrase of "Dad's Birthday" and a pin of "0820" is also a bad idea.

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