Pop Window Drafts with Bubble Wrap

Living in an apartment with old, single pane windows? Brr!

If you're one of the estimated 3/4 of renters who pay separately for utilities you'll quickly discover the cost. Pull out the thermal underwear. You'll need it once the deep freeze of winter arrives.

Unless, of course, you consider a surprising weapon in the arsenal: bubble wrap.

You can add an extra layer of insulation to your drafty window quickly and easily. Caveat: a wrapped window will let in light but obstruct your view. The good news, though, is that you can add and remove the wrap in seconds.

Installation is simple.
  • Get your hands on some large-bubble wrap, the kind made for greenhouses.
  • Cut the bubble wrap to fit the glass of your window.
  • Spray the window with water and apply the bubble wrap, bubble side toward the glass. It will stick.
  • Press it into place. Remove in the Spring by pulling it off. More details here.

Even if your rent payment includes utilities you could try this inexpensive technique to conserve energy use. Conserving energy helps combat greenhouse gases and climate change. Sexy!

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