Need a Halloween Escape Walkthrough?

Can't seem to get out of the Halloween Escape room? We're seeing signs that this classic spooky puzzler is causing all sorts of roadblocks with players. Thankfully, we can guide you though it.

1) The Recipe Book

Click on the red recipe book (placed on the cushy yellow chair) and you'll see the formula for creating the spell that will get you out of the room. Now you'll just have to find the six ingredients.

2) Tools

Completing the tasks at hand require the pick ax under the skeleton and a hammer that's only found when you click to look under the table.

3) Gathering the Ingredients

First, use the pick ax on the cross-shaped gravestone to acquire the gravestone dust and a black rose petal from the rose in front of the graves.

Then grab the right arm bone of the skeleton. Now see that little brown spot on the left thigh of the skeleton? Click on that in order to acquire rotten meat. Right click the meat in your items bar and drag it up to the bat, who will then give you another ingredient -- "bat-poo." Before you leave, click on the skeleton's right shoulder to get another piece of rotten meat.

Let's go into the room with the black and orange bureau. Take the hammer and hit the head of the big skull to produce a key, which you'll need to click on to obtain. Move the key over the keyhole on the bureau and click on the bureau's drawers to open them. Inside you'll find the eyeball ingredient, three green books and a piece of paper with the spell.

Don't leave just yet. Now stack the three books in the bureau room just under the spider web so that you can climb up to get the spider ingredient.

4) Mixing the Ingredients

Back in the room with the gravestones and caldron, it's time to combine the ingredients. Of course, you're going to need to plug in the caldron. Since you can't, take the rotten meat and slide it over the mousehole (just beside the power outlet) and a little mouse will push the plug out so you can plug it in. Once done, click on the top of the caldron to give yourself a top-down view. Click on the ingredients you've gathered and drop them in.

5) Adding Fire to Candles

In the room with the recipe book, you'll need to click on the hay under the pumpkin. Now grab it from your items area and slide it over hte flame in the big pumpkin's mouth. As it lights up, it will fall back into the items area with a flame on top. Move to the caldron room and slide the flaming hay over one of the candles. Do this two more times in order to complete the spell.

6) Last Step

Return to the top-down view of the caldron. Grab the piece of spell paper and move it over the caldron. Poof, you're done!

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