Chalk It Up

Get out your rollers and brushes - it's time to update your walls with the latest wallcovering trend to sweep the nation: chalkboard paint. Bloggers everywhere are posting ideas about what type to buy, where to apply it, even how to make it yourself.

Read on to find out how to incorporate some fun chalkboard touches into your home - even if you're not ready to make the full commitment to rolling your walls.
  • CasaSugar applies chalkboard paint to furniture. Easily take your masterpiece with you when you move!
  • PureStyleHome rolls it onto a refrigerator. Dress up less-than-modern appliances for just a few dollars.
  • OhDeeDoh creates a clever wainscoting effect. Perfect wall positioning for kids to run wild with chalk!
  • LuLuPainting features Hudson Paint's 24 vibrant, modern shades (it's not just black or green anymore).
  • LifeHacker shows you how to make your own chalkboard paint with a few simple supplies.
  • Target (online only) offers up peel-and-stick chalkboard wall appliques for commitment-phobes.

And when the fad has run its course (as they always do), ApartmentTherapy shows you how to paint over a chalkboard wall. No need to thank us - that's what trends are for.
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