Bloodsuckin' Halloween Bash in Vampires

The bloodsuckers of Zynga's Vampires game on Facebook and MySpace may be napping for the next few hours but its newly launched Vampire Halloween event is sure to get them up before their evening snack. Featuring movie-inspired abilities, new Avatar costumes (dress as fan favorites Mandy and Akem Manah) and trick or treat bags filled with energy, rage and health refills, even the undead would get re-animated.

Running until November 2, the Vampire Halloween event will also give players a chance to win 1,000 Favor points by completing a set. The next 10 players to complete a set won't be left in the sunlight either; they'll win 100 Favor points for their efforts. Items in both sets can't be bought and only gained by taking part in missions or combat.

Players with thriving clans can also send out special Mystery treat bags during the event that will only sweeten their blood lust. So turn down the lights, pour yourself a glass of red and show off what your teeth can really do.

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