Whoopi: Rangel's 'Got to Go!' and what other well-known women say Nancy Pelosi should do to Charles Rangel...

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This week we asked them: Step into Nancy Pelosi's shoes for a moment: What should be done about Charles Rangel (D-NY)? What do you think will be done?

Whoopi Goldberg: I like Charlie Rangel, but I think now there is too much stuff to ignore. He's got to go! And if he goes ... can I have his health-care package?

Liz Smith: If I were in Nancy Pelosi's shoes I'd have acted long ago to treat Congressman Charles Rangel exactly the same way she'd have treated a Republican caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Let Rangel be examined and let him come clean. He has been a valuable Democratic representative for New York but that doesn't cut any ice if he has done something wrong. I really don't know what the outcome of this will be but he shouldn't be treated differently from anyone else. I am a Democrat. But I don't like the way Pelosi seems to have gilded this lily.

Candice Bergen: I would rather not put my feet in them. Thank you.

Joan Ganz Cooney: I have no idea of what all the political considerations are for Nancy Pelosi. She'll probably do as little as she can get away with unless forced by public opinion to do otherwise.

Mary Wells: I know a lot about shoes and some shoes are better quality than others. A lot of influential people will judge Nancy Pelosi's shoes by how she walks Congressman Rangel through these coming months. He was overseeing U.S. Income Tax Code while not reporting his own income from a house he owned at a resort and from apartments he rented out – recently even more rental property was found that he did not report. I believe he has survived attempts to discipline him. I wonder why. If you failed to report income from rental property what do you think would happen to you? Whenever I see a picture of Nancy Pelosi I will think of her shoes – and Congressman Rangel.

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