Was This Jeff Lewis' Final "Flip"?

Caught the Season 3 Reunion show for Bravo's high-drama Flipping Out last night.

Today on Google Trends, "Jeff Lewis Boyfriend" is one of the top 40 terms, as the star of the show, Jeff Lewis, revealed he has been dating someone for almost a year, but would not say who.

We may have to wait for Season 4 (if there is one) to find out more on this topic.

The main topic of discussion on the season finale was that Jeff and his former boyfriend and business partner Ryan Brown had not spoken in weeks and appeared in the finale to be as far apart as ever on whether or not Brown's design firm took business away from Lewis, intentionally or unintentionally.

The show is very focused on Jeff's perspective, but Ryan does seem to come off as at least somewhat negligent and possibly dishonest. 58 percent of fans on Bravo said they think "Ryan's a sneak and a thief."

If you completely missed Season 3. Bravo has put together a gallery of clips from the season's best moments.

Our personal favorites include: In some ways, the 'Flipping Out' story has followed the ups and downs of the housing market, particularly in L.A. The other shows in the same genre, Work Out and Blow Out only lasted a season or two, so will be interesting to see if Flipping Out returns for a fourth season of if Lewis and Co. have had enough after a highly emotional third season.

Fingers crossed that Jeff and the housing market will bounce back this spring.
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