Roller Coaster Kingdom Fans Teed Off By Cash-Only Themes


Park owners got a surprise this week as Zynga's Roller Coaster Kingdom gained a stack of new Themes along with options to alter your park's main gate, fences and paths. The new options allow players looking to stylize their park in Western, Jungle or Haunted Forest Themes.

Yet the Facebook community didn't react kindly to the new themes for one simple reason, many of the new themes items could only be purchased with real money. Jungle Gate, Haunted Gate, Western Gate, Jungle Fence, Haunted Fence and Western Fence items are available for 30 Coaster Cash (about $5.50) with Western, Jungle and Haunted Forest hills going for 40 (about $7). The pay for play theme extended to Haunted and Jungle Paths both going for 10 Coaster Cash (about $2). Those choosing Western Path get a reprieve as that costs 10,000 coins (which are earned through the free game)

Comments from Roller Coaster Kingdom's Facebook Fan Page run from "Pay for themes... BOO!... How 'bout with coins?" to "I'm not paying with real money for that! crazy!!" and "Upgrade with real money... don't think so... will keep my original theme... thanks :o(".

So far, the anger hasn't prompted a mass defection from Roller Coaster Kingdom but with a rash of game outages this week and prohibitive expansion options that don't unlock until players get more friends into the game, fans of the kingdom are hoping that their favorite game isn't turning into a push for profit.