Avoid Lohan, Hilton Robbery Fate

Can a gang of suburban teenage girls rob Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, and other Los Angeles celebrities? You bet. These young cat burglars were arrested last week for pinching designer clothing and jewelry from several celebrity homes. Now these fashionable thieves face legal action and suspension of scholarships and reality TV shows. Let's assume they're probably grounded, too.

(Yes, one of the star-hungry crooks was in the middle of taping an E! reality television show about life as an aspiring actress. Our bet is the only taping she'll see in the future is the security camera one played in court.)

It's practically a rite of passage to live in an apartment with security bars on the window or in a questionable neighborhood in exchange for lower rent. How can you protect yourself, and your belongings?
There's a new home security system on the market perfect for apartment dwellers.

Simplisafe is a simple-to-install, wireless system. Best of all, you can take the entire security system with you when you move.

The Simplisafe 1500 package secures a 1,500 square foot living space. It includes an entry keypad, motion sensors, keychain remote, and base station. You can purchase additional motion sensors and customize your package, too. More details can be found in the demo section of the website or fully tested and reviewed at Apartment Therapy.

Simplisafe packages start at $225 and require a $15 per month emergency dispatch service subscription. Besides protecting your valuable collection, you might be eligible for discounts on your renter's insurance premiums, too.

To see what other celebs have been burgled recently, check out the slideshow at ShelterPop.
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