Daily Wrap: Goodbye Roller Coaster Kingdom; FarmVille vs. Broken Arm

Still not convinced that social gaming will take over the world? It took nearly a 1/16th of a day to find the best social gaming blog and news that would normally keep us away from our Cafe World/Mafia Wars/Roller Coaster Kingdom schedule.

- Parks aren't fun for all. Apparently that's message that one player is sending as she says Goodbye Roller Coaster Kingdom after being fed up with the game's quirky limits on expanding one's park by adding neighbors. She'll be missed but her presence will still be felt in Cafe World, FarmVille and Pet Society. (Quirky Gaming Girl)

- "Today, I was playing FarmVille all day, and I was really into the game. I was getting phone calls all day, but I kept ignoring them cause I was making so much Farm Money. Come to find out it was my son's school. He fell off the jungle gym and broke his arm. FML" (FMyLife)

- The death of the CD-based game . As if you're shocked. The advent of games like Pet Society didn't just change the rules of Facebook, it completely upset the sales of boxed games that you might find at Best Buy, Target or Walmart. Blame it on a culture that's obsessed with labor-light thrills, but video game makers and social network game makers agree, the best future use of your CD-ROM drive might be a drink holder. (MCV)

- Rocking Facebook is hard. With scores of odd groups (yeah, so I dig the Tea Appreciataion Society), it's tough to get fans for a product that isn't blonde and scantily clad. Yet Guitar Hero 5 found new reason to gloat this week as it staked out its claim as first video game page to score one million fans. Rock on indeed. (http://dontloseyourdayjob.com/)

- We're cheap but admit that LEGO's efforts to create a LEGO MMO gamebased on the brick formula that's shaped many a childhood is something that, well, is building a personal interest in our smallest recesses. Still, a game that allows us to build anything, take part in new LEGO adventures beyond the LEGO site and Lucas offerings is hard to skip. (Eurogamer)