Cider Doughnuts All the Rage

Perhaps this is wrong that on National Chocolate Day we offer up an alternative to cacao, but move over chocolate, there's a new sweet in town. Haunted hay rides and apple-picking are suddenly the season's pastime-of-choice, and every orchard worth its salt is serving up piping hot apple cider-laced donuts. Hmmm... Still hot and crispy from the fryer and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, these morsels taste like Autumn (if you were to fry Autum in delicious, boiling fat).

If you're still tasting that delicious memory and want to know how to recreate these tasty treats at home, you're in luck.
Donuts are surprisingly easy to make - even the deep-frying part, which isn't as scary as you might think.You can turn them out much quicker than baking trays upon trays of cookies, and easily make them in even the smallest of kitchens with nothing more than a single stove burner and a pot of oil.

So go out and pick the apples if you must, but be sure to reward yourself for your labors with a batch of tasty, hot, donuts.

  • SeriousEats features a recipe for cake doughnuts, and poses an interesting question about subbing in hard cider (mmm, boozey!)
  • SmittenKitchen keeps it old-school by frying in shortening (fatty, yes, but zero trans fats)
  • The Washington Post looks into the history of the cider doughnut, then offers up a recipe that starts with boiling the cider down to a syrup
  • ILoveMilkAndCookies even offers up a baked version for those with dietary issues or a fear of frying
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