AOL GameShow Episode 7: When Robin Comes for a Visit


The lovely Robin Yang comes back to AOL GameShow, but as a visitor! She's now the community manager for and will be coming back to contribute to the podcast every other week. Otherwise, it will be a two-person team of Libe and Laurent and whatever mystery guest we wrangle for the show.

Other topics this week:

- Why you should be obsessed with PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies (in stores now)
- Game Duell's Jungle Jewels on Facebook has us hooked (just try to beat our scores)
- Rock Band for iPhone Rocks (but not that hard)
- Twitter and Facebook come to Xbox Live (no, you can't play Mafia Wars on there yet)
- Plus, a brand new Spanish word of the week!

Coming Next Week:

We talk to people to get the lowdown on their new all-canine social game, Pogo Puppies.

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