Want a 4-Hour Workweek?

Outsource your life! That's a premise of the mega-seller book by Timothy Ferriss called The 4-Hour Work Week.

Seems Georgetown University sophomore Charley Cooper read the book. Cooper - regarded by some as clever, and others as a spoiled brat - wants to hire a personal assistant to help him with everything from driving him to and from work to doing his laundry.

If you're want to be the renter with a four hour workweek, here are some tasks you should outsource, stat!


Dust bunnies might be the only pets your apartment allows. Beyond the "ick" factor, there are some legit reasons to keep your place in "come back to my place and carry on the conversation?" condition. Why pull on the rubber gloves if you can hire it out, even for a small apartment?

Pro: You keep your manicure longer. The fresh and clean scent throughout the apartment is nice, too.

Con: Even the best cleaning person will eventually break something. Like... your will to ever lift a vacuum again.


Dry clean, steam clean, or press-and-fold: doing laundry takes time. And time, baby, is money.

Pro: Someone else can separate your whites and darks and be bothered measuring out detergent and selecting the proper wash temperature. (Or not. You think they care about your precious Banana Republic shirt?)

Con: The more laundry tasks assigned, the more expensive. Pick up and delivery make you feel like a VIP, but, they come with a softener-smelling price tag.

Household Organization

Hire yourself a virtual assistant here in the states, or, as Ferriss recommends, a cheaper one across the globe. Assign them tasks ranging from paying your bills to creating menus and grocery shopping lists.

Pro: Eliminate or reduce all the small errands. (At least the ones you can explain clearly.)

Con: Just how comfortable are you giving away the keys to your kingdom?

Worth the expense of hiring it out, hiring it all out? Your mileage may vary... just remember, those four hours of work every week should pay handsomely to afford your staff.
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