Trick or treat. What costumes will be at your door

Despite the gloomy news that Americans are shelling out fewer bucks on Halloween paraphernalia (approximately $10 less per person), analysts say we're still spending. Estimates put Halloween at a $437 billion-a-year industry.

And most of the average $56.31 that each of us is pouring into the season is being funneled toward spooky, sexy and silly costumes.

Some will be cute. Others frightful. But celebrities -- or at least their pint-sized alter egos -- are what analysts are forecasting as most likely to land at your doorstep this Saturday. With celebrity-related masks, make-up and mustaches flying off store shelves, neighborhood streets will be transformed into red -- err, orange and black -- carpets this Halloween.

Here's a preview of who you can blame for ding-dong ditching and other ghoulish pranks:

Michael Jackson

A perennial favorite, it wouldn't be Halloween without one or two Kings of Pop on the block. But his untimely death last June has catapulted Jackson to a thrilling spot on the most popular costume list. Just beware: These tricksters have been known to moonwalk after dark.

Bernie Madoff

What could be scarier than a bunch of little -- or big -- Bernies running around demanding candy? Madoff mask manufacturer, Rubies Costume Co., told the Associated Press at least 15,000 masks have already been sold. At least you won't be expected to hand over your retirement savings. A piece or two of candy should send these swindlers packing.

Late night talk-show hosts

Conan, Leno and Letterman all make a living poking fun at just about everyone. So it seems only fitting that they're the brunt of some good old-fashioned ribbing at least one day a year. Just don't be surprised if these revelers have ghouls in goatees as sidekicks.

Jon and Kate plus costumes

Love 'em or hate 'em, you're certain to see plenty of them on Halloween. America's fascination with the current couple-in-crisis isn't likely to be spared the hijinxs and harrowing happenings.


It's no stretch to see vampires roaming the streets on Halloween. But fans of the cult-classic film Twilight will be looking to channel hunkie Robert Pattinson's blood-sucking version, Edward Cullen. Just don't expect these undead to show up in black robes. Today's vampire sports style. Edwards will be donned in t-shirts and jeans, undoubtedly sporting plenty of spook-appeal.

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