23 items worth maxing your credit card out on before the world ends ... or the Zombies arrive


When the world ends, it's pretty much a given that you won't know it's coming. But what if you did know what was going to happen?

In Sony's new disaster flick, "2012," an end-of-world prophecy is being fulfilled which leaves some people more prepared than others. In a Facebook Poll on the movies fan page they ask users what they would do now if they knew that 2012 is the end, and so far 90,000 users have responded.

With three years to go until "The End," most poll respondents said that they would spend more time with friends and family or pursue a crush. But 22% said that they would max out their credit cards before the world ends.

While you could max out your card on big screen TVs and other items to make the next two years comfortable like many users will, you could also take advantage of your knowledge to max out your credit cards on things that will actually help you survive.