Splurging Your Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings Time ends Nov. 1, so remember to set your clock back an hour this Saturday.

What should you do with this extra-hour stretch? Don't squander it on beauty rest. Provided you're not out partying in-costume for Halloween, here are some recommendations for how to use that hour from sea to shining sea.
You've already endured snow. So, stay inside and treat yourself to a lingering evening meal Saturday night. If you're on a budget, hop on the Banh-dwagon by making a warm (and trendy) Banh Mi. It's also a good time to replace that batteries in your smoke alarm... because cooking skills aside, 'ya never know.


You've worked hard all year. Why not unwind in your apartment with your significant other and a glass of wine? Snuggle up in your comfy sofa after a brisk walk under gorgeous fall foliage.

Darling, are you ready for the madness of the holidays? Thanksgiving and everything else is right around the corner! So, start making your gift lists and sending party invitations. While you have an extra hour to spare, sign up for a service that will reduce your junk mail. You want to be sending invitations, not receiving those addressed to the former tenant.


Why not use your extra hour to perform some apartment feng-shui? In less than an hour your can switch things all around without even lifting a sofa. Not only does this serve the purpose of clearing out so-called "bad energy," it can also provide mild recession-proof entertainment. It's almost as fun as swapping orange pumpkins for white ones.

Upper Plains
Time for some fun! Use your extra hour to plan a tailgate party. Just be sure to bundle up, or host it indoors. Make sure to invite that nice neighbor, too. Or, use that extra hour to repurpose old CD jewel cases into a stylish photo arrangement.

You, lucky you, get to enjoy now-mild warm weather as we move into winter. But don't let the agreeable temperature lull you into wasting this extra hour. Pick up your solar-powered mobile phone. Your geographically-challenged friends will want to hear all about how you redecorated your apartment with the latest eco-gadgets. (Still wearing shorts around the apartment? Rub it in!)

West Coast
Yes, yes. We know how you'll spend your extra hour, you fitness-fanatic left-coaster. Rather than doing an hour more of crunches, why not splurge on some caloric, easy-to-make treats. Or, you could spend that extra hour shopping for a compost bin perfect for your small apartment kitchen - because if you're in San Fran, it's the law!
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