Roller Coaster Kingdom: Find the Baby Moose, Reap Big Rewards


Roller Coaster Kingdom, Zynga's Facebook game that puts you in charge of a virtual theme park, has slowly been gaining a following since its launch in August. While it hasn't caught on like Cafe World, it's still boasting around 10 million active users and gaining every week. Learn more about how to play Roller Coaster Kingdom here.

In the meantime, we're starting to see lost baby moose and broken down buses appear in the game. If you choose to help them out (and other people adopt them), then you're rewarded with a hefty sum. FarmVille has a similar mechanic, where turtles, black sheep, etc roam on to your farm, which you can then 'help' your friends adopt. Unlike FarmVille, the payback is big and can help you get a leg up on building the theme park of your dreams...

roller coaster kingdom baby moose found!
roller coaster kingdom baby moose found!

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