Poor Pam Anderson: Foiled by shiny tiles

pam anderson
pam anderson

Former Baywatch babe and rocker wife, Pamela Anderson is having money woes. The actress is reportedly $4.8 million in debt because of expensive renovations on her Malibu, California dream home.

Anderson's been reportedly sobbing over the thought of having to sell her gilded palace complete, which comes complete with mirrored mosaics and platinum tiles surrounding the pool. The original price tag for the property was a modest $1.3 million and change. But renovations have led to Anderson being sued by five contractors because of unpaid bills.

In an interview with British TV personality, Joe Swash, Anderson said she had been hit by the recession and let down by a string of investments. "I'm a little girl with two kids - how could you screw me?" she added.

Anderson bemoaned "I'm going to sell it. I hate it" explaining that construction projects can destroy relationships and even cause some to commit suicide. "It rips your heart out" she said.

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