Major Hallo-Party Savings at Costco

Credit - CostcoThink you have no space for what Costco sells? Think again. True, you may not need 5 gallons of mayonnaise (and likely have nowhere to put it anyway) but if you're throwing a Halloween party, the savings found at Costco and other warehouse stores can justify the membership fee.

According to Consumer Reports, which sent out a team of 28 mystery shoppers to 130 stores in 15 states, discount stores like Target and Walmart slash prices 20 to 30 percent less than regular grocery stores. The real savings, however, are at warehouse stores like Sam's Club and Costco, where prices run a whopping 40 to 50 percent less. We did a little shopping to see how much a Costco Halloween party would cost. Take a look.
For $230.46 you can host a Halloween party and depending on how much your friends eat and drink, maybe two. Aside from the snacks and drinks, the quantities of everything else here would last you for two or more parties. Throw in some decorations and a jack-o-lantern or two and you've got yourself a spooky fiesta. Hell, if you want to get fancy, maybe alter the shopping list slightly and make pumpkin martinis. Here's what you'll need:

Party Supplies = $23.28
Vanity Fair
Everyday napkins: $7.39 for 608
Chinet dinner plates: $15.89 for 165

Snacks = $44.59
Tyson Wings on Fire Chicken Wings: $13.99 for 5-pound bag
Ann's House of Nuts peanuts: $7.59 for 4 pounds
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing: $9.25 for 80 ounces
Ritz Crackers: $6.85 for 48-ounce box
All Tyme Assorted Candies & Gum: $6.91 for 2-pound tub

Baking = $14.28 [assuming you have flour and other baking essentials]
Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet chocolate chips: $8.99 for 72 ounces
Domino Sugar: $5.29 for 5-pound bag

Drinks = $83.36
Corona Beer: $26.99 for 24 bottles
Coca Cola: $9.49 for 32 12-ounce cans
Ocean Spray Juice: $6.89 for 6 quarts
Ketel One Vodka: $39.99 for 1.75 liters

Clean-up = $37.07
Reynolds Wrap: $12.69 for 2, 150-foot rolls
Dawn Advanced: $8.39 for 90 fluid ounces
Cascade ActionPacs: $15.99 for 3.6 pounds

Morning After = $27.88
Advil Liqui-Gels: $17.89 for 240
Alka Seltzer: $9.99 for 116 count
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