You Can Thank Can-Do Guru Tony Robbins for FarmVille


At a conference over the weekend, Zynga CEO and Founder Mark Pincus says he created the company responsible for Cafe World, FarmVille and Roller Coaster Kingdom after attending a seminar by well-known motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. Below is an excerpt from a Tech Crunch report on Pincus' talk:

Pincus says he then went to Tony Robbins (seriously). Attendees at the conference consisted of 4000 out-of-work realtors. But it works. Robbins says to set very high goals but take any path to get there.

With Zynga, Pincus says he wanted to make a company that put out a consumer service that would be around and would matter for a long time. As Tony Robins says, "Control Your Destiny". In 2007, he says you don't have the luxury of just building a feature, you have to build the whole thing.

In case you're not familiar with Robbins, he's a self-help writer and speaker who has been giving speeches for thirty-some-odd years and writing books with names like 'Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement.'

Normally, his informercials are only slightly less cheesy than the Slap Chop commercials. Then again, we can't slag on Robbins too much, especially since he's indirectly responsible for us milking cows in FarmVille and dishing out plates in Cafe World on a daily basis.

[Via Tech Crunch]