Sad, Lonely Turtles Invade FarmVille


Turtles have joined the cast of animals wandering around, sad and lonely, in FarmVille. How do you find the turtle? When you log into FarmVille, you'll randomly receive a notification that a "sad, lonely turtle showed up on your farm" and "he needs a new home."

farmville turtle is lost and needs a new home.
farmville turtle is lost and needs a new home.

Like the pink cows, black sheep and ugly ducklings, you'll have the option to help or ignore the turtle. If you help the little critter, a notification will be posted to your Facebook feed (see image below), letting your friends know that they can adopt the turtle.

Once the turtle is adopted and placed on a farm, it can be harvested in three days for eggs. Rumors also say that, eventually, the turtles will turn into dinosaur-like animals. Let's just hope they don't nibble on your crops.

Spill It: How many turtles have you collected already?

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