Daylight Saving Time ends ... for four short months


Finally, America -- or most of it -- will get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning when Daylight Saving Time ends.

And the scam that we'll be more productive and save money on electricity bills because there was an extra hour of daylight will be put on hiatus until next spring.

The only good things about turning the clock back an hour before going to bed Saturday night is that you'll get an extra hour of sleep, and it's a good reminder to change the batteries on smoke alarms.

Otherwise, this whole dance about saving money is a waste of time, as I wrote in March when Daylight Saving Time, or DST, started this year. And to make it worse, in four months we'll go through this same lame setup again when we turn the clocks forward an hour.

Four months? What is the point? Not only do I have to get my sleep pattern adjusted, which should be fairly easy, but I have a daughter in kindergarten whose sleep patterns aren't as easy to adjust. This will be a lot of fun. Thanks, Congress.